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San Francisco is a city of food, and a city of art: music, writing, film, and more. We’re aiming to combine those two worlds through events that pair a sitdown dinner with performance. The format is flexible, but the purpose is not: to fill our bellies with delicious food, to meet interesting new people and connect with those we already love, and to feel like our brains are getting creative, whether because of the company, the food, the art or the booze. And – we want to say this while still emphasizing that we’re looking to create a top-level experience here – we want to make it affordable, so that those who create art and help others and can’t spend gobs of money on a night out can still have a great time. So come in, sit down, and dig in.

FreemadeSF launch flyer

Our first event is Monday, March 11 2013 at the Brick & Mortar Music Hall. It is a launch event for FreemadeSF, a homegrown publishing company. After a Middle-Eastern inspired family-style dinner, four authors will give readings set to music. Science fiction has never had it so good. Tickets are available here, and you can check out more information on the event’s Facebook page. Here’s the menu (though it’s subject to change based on what Fiddlehead finds at the market):

Hors d’oeuvres:
– Grilled halloumi toasts with butternut squash puree and chef’s family honey
– Homebrew and cheese gougeres

Family-style dinner:
– Shaved asparagus and fennel salad
– Sweet potato fritters with harissa cream
– Burnt eggplant with garlic and lemon
– Chickpea phyllo pie (vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions available)

– FreemadeSF chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting

Join us for this inaugural dinner, and celebrate FreemadeSF! We’ll be posting pictures in the days after the 11th.

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